Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jump start

Monday October 21, 2002 Kauai

The next morning smoke rose from the embers of their dying fire while Leaf’s crew left the dyed blonde haired guy and his partner. While practicing tai chi, I heard some yelling, pretty intense, coming from the abandoned duo. Last night, the fake blond said: “We’re all in hell, we’re all dead.” I felt compassion for the pain that triggered a statement like this and did not respond. But, I did think to myself: “Heaven too, where ever you choose, there you are, begins with a thought.”

Robert and I swam across the protected cove and climbed up on the rocks, feeling the hot sun on my back and drinking in the gorgeous shades of blue-ocean thru my eyes.

The day slipped by sweetly. No where to go, nothing to be. I ate brown rice toasted circles with honey spread on with a Swiss Army pocket knife.

When I turned the ignition key in the rent-a-beater, that had been our chariot the past week, absolutely nothing happened. The battery or something, I surmise. A semi crusty white bearded hippy type walked over and handed me his jumper cables. He did not smile. He did not say a word. Kind of like he was helping us against his will. He turned around and walked back to his wheels.

I asked four different folks for a jump start but they all refused to help us out. One lady grimaced. A guy with a German accent said with an annoying voice: ”I’m just want to sit here.”

Finally, a sheller drove his semi beater over and parked next to ours. He jumped out of his vehicle, walked away and left it running.

We arrived back at the beach house, just before the moon rose. People hung around the picnic tables, drinking beer and smoking a pipe.

We ended up at the Lotus Blossom where we ran into Ray, a cosmic Mayan astrologer. The night passed by smoothly. Interesting perspective on astrology was presented by Ray – a way in which it could be broadened. His main message was that when Venus conjuncts sun 5 times over an 8 year span, a pentagram is formed. This time it happens on Halloween.