Sunday, January 29, 2006


Thursday September 12, 2002 North Shore, Oahu

I stopped by North Shore Tree Service at 8 AM to work. Jersey Boy Johnny, the fugitive, was crashed out and did not immediately respond to my knocking. While waiting, I give the tied up black dog some water. It’s become used to me and does not bark at my close proximity. It just wags its tail and uses its eyes to ask for a scratch. I comply. 10 minutes later, Johnny opens the door and I go inside, sit on the couch and watch TV as Jersey switches from music videos to BMXing to surfing and then back to music videos. Eventually, phone rings. Johnny answers petulantly: “Hello?”

Turns out that it is Robby. Informs Jersey that work’s not happening today. I’m a bit let down even though not too surprised. I chill there for an hour watching the various extreme sports footage. I leave after a long board competition coverage ends. I cruise into town. Jorger is closed. I really want a long board but I love his Stinger. I know I need at least 9 feet but I can’t get the stinger out of my head.

It is late. I just finished 30 minutes of tai chi. My energy is relaxed but very alert. I will read, sleep and maybe work tomorrow. It seems that my non-work inertia is tough to change yet paradoxically, the money keeps flowing. I know I can tap into more. Patience. Strike when the time is right. Fortify your position. Get a board. Get a place. Get a truck. Build a business. Cash in. Invest in your self. Let the art flow where it wants. Music. Meditation. Painting. Photography. Video documentation. Patience. Hard work. Relaxation. Didj.