Wednesday, March 11, 2009

20 minutes ago #13

There’s nothing more disorienting than accidentally traveling backwards in time. Even though I am now back in the present everything seems uncertain. Thinking about traveling back in time is one thing but actually doing it is utterly and ultimately cosmologically confusing. It is suddenly dawning on me that the crop circle book that Asariel gave me was something more, The tai chi and didjeridoo playing make a lot more sense now. Even though I only traveled back a month it was still earth shattering, believe me. I’ve had 2 weeks to digest my experience and I still get shutters just thinking about it. Where is that crazy holographic dolphin? I have not seen him since he showed me the book. I’ve been a mess let me tell you… I knew I had to ground myself and so instead of drinking a case a beer or a couple bottles of wine, I have been doing a lot of tai chi and didge playing. It seems to have done the trick because my sense of well being has returned and I am able to sleep soundly at night. When I first got back to this time, it was like 3 days before I can sleep. Time travel lag makes jetlag look like a picnic!
If your confused by the latest twist in this story then you might be able to emphasize with me. Hey, I guess I need a little sympathy… So, anyway, Asariel has me go online and order this crop circle book from Amazon- oh yeah, also had me get this Jose Arguelles book as well. And just for kinks I snagged this gigantic picture book of Buddhas. It’s really cool, there’s a black medicine Buddha and a red one. Basically there’s a Buddha for every occasion. So I am like just randomly paging thru these books, letting my mind go blank and leaving them open around the house. At some point the various complex images and words must have aggregated inside my subconscious or something…

Earth Ascending Illustrated Treatsie

Crop Circle Book

Buddha Poster

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