Monday, December 12, 2005

It stopped making sense

Woke up with the instant recognition that BG, Barnacle George, my pet microbe, has not completely hit the road. I guess it just can't bear to leave me. Alas, my 8 or 9 hours sleep was not enough to give the ole immune system the needed umf. I guess I should not be too surprised. This particular microorganism has been very cagey, seems like it's gone than it comes back, not quite as strong, then seems like it's gone but then it comes back, not quite as strong. The last 28 days have reminded me that I am not invulnerable. The whole TMJ thing should have woken me up to the fact that I do have vulnerabilities in my health. Any way, the whole experience can only make me wiser when I stop resisting, making judgements and just looking at the information that is being conveyed.

When I first opened my eyes the time was 6 30 AM ish and I knew that I needed the extra couple hours to snooze. The congestion was back in my head and my neck was stiff. The stiffness was from over 3.5 hours of surfing in the big waves. This made me realize that today would make a nice rest day from the ocean.

Tennis started promptly at 9 AM. Once again it was Mom and I against Dad and Lynn. Mom was firing winners like a machine and I managed to run a couple down here and there. Lynn and Dad put forth a valiant effort forcing Mom and I to dig ourselves out of various holes in order to win games. First set: 6-3 Mom and me. The second set ended 2-2 due to an impromtu rain storm - thanks alot cloudface!

After a super smoothie (rice milk, blueberries, papaya, bananas, Peaceful Planet powder), I walked over to the Turtle Bay Point and watched the greatly diminished swell. There were around 15 surfers out there trying to catch the chest high waves that passed along the pointly lava rock. A photographer with a giant lense took photos. Mostly of this one guy who had a 12 foot nerf mobile. Those things are so big they are like limos. One of these days someone will realize this and paddle rich tourists around. He'll strap a cooler on back and serve drinks in between sets. They won't even get their hair wet.

Next, I take off in the green Explorer to restock some food supplies. Cruise along, listening to the radio, watching the waves as I pass the various point breaks. Yeah, waves are alot smaller today. On the way back I stop at Foodland. While in the produce section I get completely sidetracked by a very gorgeous woman. She's dressed very provacatively, has long black hair and dark luxurious skin. Looking back I am amazed at how much I can be affected by these beautiful women. She's wearing a white dress and I can see a cute thong thru it. I'm thinking to my self, "I gotta talk to her and get her number." The problem is that that part of my brain is not working. I am tongue tied. While approaching the cash register I say, "Hi, how are you doin?" She just smiles. This simple encounter leaves me distracted for the rest of the day. I keep thinking that I should have been more suave or something. I think I am going to have to read one of those books that clue dudes like me in on how to pick up chicks because I just do not have a clue.

Bri and I play some tennis. He wins the first set 6-2. I am left with the satisfaction that I at least got a couple games off him. We start playing another set as the twi light takes over. The moon sits over head, mocking us with faint light. The twi light becomes the night and we keep playing. Some how we are still having rallies. The easiest thing is the serve. Eventually, we stop, long after it stopped making sense.