Thursday, December 08, 2005

Need a bigger board

North Shore, Oahu, in the winter time
waves are crashing and I've been thrashing
thru the choppy brine

I've now surfed 3 days in a row
chasing waves like chasing girls
all dressed up but nothing to show

One day soon I will go to Costco
to get a better ride
a little longer, a little straighter
and this will salvage my surfer's pride

These days of futilty have not been in vain
they built up resolve to deal with the pain
surrounded by gold but uable to claim

Waves are like things that we want in our lives
watch me paddle chase crash and burn
I'd sit in silence and wait if I could learn

Hanging with the folks in their resort style condo
playing scrabble, eating pizza
watching reality show mumbo jumbo

They are not too realistic
and sort of entertaining
watching someone else do all the complaining

Tonight we played scrabble
and I managed to win
It aint the ocean but its a place to begin